Whether you have a few trucks or a fleet of 100 …

With over 40 combined years of experience working in the trucking industry, we are not just another finance company trying to tap into your world. We live and breath in trucking.

Over the years, we’ve unloaded trucks, run a truck brokerage, cross-docked freight, dealt with claims and maneuvered through the DOT’s long list of regs in the industry. This experience has allowed us the benefit of top-to-bottom industry knowledge. When you partner with us, you will appreciate how our unique industry insight saves you the hassle that you might otherwise experience with opting for a bank loan or other funding source.


Ranked #1 by Truckers Report

Ranked as one of the top freight factoring companies by industry leader, Trucker’s Report.

Fast access to cash

We get it. Tags, payroll, insurance, fuel, it all adds up quickly. We can process your invoices quickly and wire the funds to your bank or fuel account right away.

Back-end office support

As a Thunder Client, we’ll handle your collections and provide you with the information you need to better reconcile your books through our 24/7 online account access Client Portal. For your convenience, we also store images like scanned invoices, bills of lading, and customer payments for easy access.

Fuel cards

Using a fuel card for your trucking business is a great way to reduce your overall expenses and since fuel makes up 40% of those expenses, saving money here is a good place to start. It allows you to purchase fuel at the cash price or even at a discounted price rather than using a credit card and over-paying at the pump for credit pricing.

It’s easy to get started

The transition to Thunder Funding is quick and simple and won’t disrupt your day-to-day process. We can get you started within 1 day and usually have funds to you right away. Good credit or poor credit normally doesn’t affect our decision because we rely on your customers’ credit.

Short, 90 day agreements only

Our short-term service agreements mean that if after 90 days you’re not crazy happy with our service, you’re not bound to any long-term commitment.

Thunder Funding has been a great help in the operation of our business. Working with Thunder has allowed us the opportunities of working with customers with longer payment terms that would have otherwise been out of financial reach for our small company. Thunder Funding is a great company, one on one personal service, extremely good customer service, and competitive programs. Thunder Funding will continue to be our business partner in the future.

Daniel Clem / Clem Carriers Inc

New to Factoring?

Learn everything you need to know in this handy guide.


Invoice and billing support

We’ll handle your billing and collections.

Upload or email invoices

Simply upload your paperwork and submit electronically.

Fuel cards

Accepted at over 14,000 fueling stations. Ask about fuel discounts.

Fast transfer of cash

We fund throughout the day via Wire, Express Code and Fuel Card Transfer. This ensures you have your funds as quickly as they are processed.

Freight / Insurance / Working Capital / Leasing

We can help.

CH Robinson, TQL, and Coyote Logistics approved

One of a handful of factors approved to work directly with the Big 3.


When you’re not collecting, your customers aren’t paying

We will handle your collections on your behalf. We have a great collections team and make friendly calls when invoices begin to age past 30 days. Knowing that you have this experienced group on your team should give you peace of mind that your invoices and your aging report are in good hands. You always have access to our Clients Website. This provides you with information you need regarding your invoices 24/7.

Buying fuel at the best price and having the cash in hand to do so

Properly managing your fuel can add up to thousands of $ in savings each year. It’s important to know where to find the best diesel prices and to properly manage your routes based on this information. You may buy diesel in one town only to find it’s $.25/gal cheaper across the next state line. By factoring your invoices with Thunder and utilizing our fuel advances and fuel cards, you’ll always have the cash on hand to purchase fuel when it’s at its best price.

In the short time you have been here, you have really helped to make things run smoothly. You have stuck to our agreement. I really appreciate your willingness to help us out, wherever we needed. It’s that kind of flexibility that will help this company grow. Thank you for all your help.

Ruben Landeros / RNL Roadrunner

Waiting for invoices to pay is a drag!

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