Fuel accounts for nearly 40% of your operating expenses. Using a fuel card for your trucking business is a great way to reduce overall expenses and allows you to purchase fuel at the cash price or even at a discounted price rather than using a credit card and over paying at the pump for credit pricing. It also provides all the detailed transaction information you will need to pay your IFTA taxes. By providing fuel cards to your drivers, you have full control of their daily spending and gallon limits.

Control your Expenses

● No Set-up, Monthly, or Customer Service Fees. ● Set purchasing controls to eliminate fraud and abuse of privileges. ● Cash Price at the pump with further discounts available. ● No charge transfers to and from your business bank account.


● Accepted at over 14,000 locations nationwide! ● Works like a Debit Card and can be used at ATM’s. ● Manage and track charges online 24/7 with eManager. ● Pay your drivers with Money Codes, direct deposit, or cash advances. ● Factoring proceeds can be deposited even after banks are closed. ● Fuel advances can be added to the Thunder Fuel Card 7 days a week! ● Fuel lines of credit available through EFS! ● GET A FUEL ADVANCE TODAY!

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