Transportation Assistance

Have a question? Need some help? Let us offer our assistance with our additional trucking carrier services. With Thunder Transportation Assist, we’ll take your call and do our best to help answer your questions. It’s a free service we offer our carriers. Some of the recent topics include:

  • Mitigating claims (OS & D)
  • IFTA tax reporting
  • Collections
  • Weights / Permits
  • Drug testing
  • Driver recruitment
  • Fuel Discounts
  • Finding good freight
  • Driver retention
  • FMCSA and DOT questions
  • Freight market rates
  • Shipper/Broker credit ratings

Thunder Funding Fuel Card

Using a fuel card for your trucking business is a great way to reduce your overall expenses and since fuel makes up 40% of those expenses, saving money here is a good place to start. It allows you to purchase fuel at the cash price or even at a discounted price rather than using a credit card and over-paying at the pump for credit pricing. It also provides all the detailed transactional information you will need to pay your IFTA taxes. By providing fuel cards to your drivers, you have full control of their daily spending and gallon limits.

  • Low transaction fees for fuel and maintenance
  • Accepted at nearly every truck stop and fueling location
  • Improved cash flow thanks to cash price discounts at the pump
  • Online reporting
  • Security, convenience and control over fuel and maintenance purchases
  • Cash options (use with ATM machines)
  • Factoring proceeds can be deposited even after the banks are closed
  • Have your fuel advances added to your fuel cards 7 days a week


Thunder Funding is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Mustard Seed Truck Insurance. Mustard Seed Truck Insurance carries all lines of transportation coverage for every size and type of operation. From single party owner/operator enterprises to large, multi-truck fleet companies, we’ve got you covered. Learn More.

Discounted Membership with 123Loadboard

Thousands of customers agree that 123Loadboard is the easiest and most powerful load matching website on the internet. Thunder Funding clients can test-drive FREE for 30 days. Choose a membership plan and receive up to 40% off regular pricing. This promotion applies to Thunder Funding clients only. Easy Cancellation – No Spam – No Hassles – Guaranteed!

Fuel Advances

Need fuel money or have a driver needing to pay a lumper? We are happy to advance you up to 50% of the freight rate on any load still on the road and not yet delivered. Simply provide us with the rate confirmation and the bill of lading and we’ll process the request within a few minutes and have the funds to you or your driver.