Owner-Operators are the backbone of the trucking industry, so our factoring services are designed to support you with the fast funding you need to keep you rolling. At Thunder Funding, we understand the demands you face day in and day out, and we’re here to help. We’ll keep your cash flowing and take care of the billing and collecting so you can keep on trucking. 


Transparent 90 Day Agreements

Our short-term service agreements won’t tie you down. We’re not here to trick you with hidden fees or legal jargon. If after 90 days you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you’re not bound to any long-term commitment.

Same-Day Funding Options

Don’t wait 30+ days for your broker to pay, we’ll get you paid when you want and how you want!

Back-End Office Support

Our team will handle all the back and forth with your brokers until the invoice is paid, freeing up a lot of time for you to concentrate on your next load.

Save at the Pump

Our industry -leading fuel card is perfect for owner operators. Those savings can pay for your factoring fees and still save you a monthly average of $500 per truck!

Thunder Mobile App

The Thunder Mobile App your all-in-one tool for easy invoice submission, convenient fuel advance requests, real-time cash tracking, fuel card management, and access to 24/7 broker credit information and historical transactions!

Fuel Advances

Our low -cost fuel advances make it fast and easy to keep the cash flowing 7 days a week. Once you’re loaded up, simply email us a copy of your paperwork and we can process your advance within minutes.

Professional, efficient and straightforward. Thunder Funding is always there when I need them. I turn in my receivables to them, and the money’s on my fuel card the next day. Same day if I need it.

Scott T Nixon / Maxx Freight, LLC

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Cashflow is essential to the survival of your business.

In these challenging economic times, trucking businesses are struggling to stay afloat. With the uncertain market conditions and delayed payments, maintaining a steady cash flow is crucial. Factoring your unpaid invoices gives you access to fast funding and a hassle-free collection process, so you can focus on driving and delivering your loads. Fuel, repairs, and other expenses can also add up quickly, which is why fuel advances are imperative to keep your truck moving forward. And finally, finding high-paying loads is what is going to keep your wheels rolling.

Thunder can help you weather the economic storm with our…

Your fuel spend can make or break your business.

As a trucker, managing expenses can be a daunting task, especially when fuel costs consume a significant portion of your earnings, accounting for almost 40% of your expenses. However, with proper fuel management, you can potentially save thousands of dollars each year. By staying informed about the best diesel prices and planning your routes accordingly, you can avoid the mistake of buying diesel in one town only to discover that it’s significantly cheaper just across town.

Fuel your success with Thunder’s Fuel Card

  • Fuel savings averaging $0.65/gal
  • Save at 8000+ locations nationwide
  • Truck maintenance discounts and so much more…

Thunder Funding has provided stellar customer service day in and day out. Everyone is knowledgeable, professional and has a dedication to ensuring the job is done correctly and quickly. They have allowed us to grow rapidly and will continue to be a key factor of our future success.

Kim Sulsar / Iraheta Bros, Inc.

Waiting for invoices to pay is a drag!

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