Owner-Operators are the backbone of the trucking industry. At Thunder Funding, we understand the demands you face day in and day out. Some of us at Thunder are celebrating over 20 years in trucking and have watched as the industry has changed over the years. We know that it’s critical for your business to keep your cash flowing. That’s why we designed a simple program for Owner-Operators.


Ranked #1 by Truckers Report

Ranked as one of the top freight factoring companies by industry leader, Trucker’s Report.

High advance rates

We offer some of the highest advance rates in the industry, all delivered to you within 24 hours. Now that’s fast!

Fuel advances

With our low-cost, expedited fuel advances, once you’re loaded up, simply email us a copy of your rate confirmation and bill of lading and we can process your advance immediately.

Simple, fast sign-up designed for OO’s

Known as Factoring Service Agreement (FSA), our simple, one-page enrollment was specifically designed for owner-operators.

Short, 90 day agreements only

Our short-term service agreements mean that if after 90 days you’re not crazy happy with our service, you’re not bound to any long-term commitment.

No minimum volume commitment

While some factors require you commit to a minimum volume requirement, we will never charge you a minimum fee or require you to submit a minimum number of invoices.

Professional, efficient and straightforward. Thunder Funding is always there when I need them. I turn in my receivables to them, and the money’s on my fuel card the next day. Same day if I need it.

Scott T Nixon / Maxx Freight, LLC

New to Factoring?

Learn everything you need to know in this handy guide.


Invoice and billing support

We’ll handle your billing and collections.

Upload or email invoices

Simply upload your paperwork and submit electronically.

Fuel cards

Accepted at over 14,000 fueling stations. Ask about fuel discounts.

Fast transfer of cash

We fund throughout the day via Wire, Express Code and Fuel Card Transfer. This ensures you have your funds as quickly as they are processed.

Freight / Insurance / Working Capital / Leasing

With our dedicated group of affiliate partners, we’ve got you covered.

CH Robinson, TQL, Landstar and Coyote Logistics approved

One of a handful of factors approved to work directly with the Big 4.


When you’re not collecting, your customers aren’t paying

We will handle your collections on your behalf. We have a great collections team and make friendly calls when invoices begin to age past 30 days. Knowing that you have this experienced group on your team should give you peace of mind that your invoices and your aging report are in good hands. You always have access to our Clients Website. This provides you with information you need regarding your invoices 24/7.

Buying fuel at the best price and having the cash in hand to do so

Properly managing your fuel can add up to thousands of $ in savings each year. It’s important to know where to find the best diesel prices and to properly manage your routes based on this information. You may buy diesel in one town only to find it’s $.25/gal cheaper across the next state line. By factoring your invoices with Thunder and utilizing our fuel advances and fuel cards, you’ll always have the cash on hand to purchase fuel when it’s at its best price.

Thunder Funding has provided stellar customer service day in and day out. Everyone is knowledgeable, professional and has a dedication to ensuring the job is done correctly and quickly. They have allowed us to grow rapidly and will continue to be a key factor of our future success.

Kim Sulsar / Iraheta Bros, Inc.

Waiting for invoices to pay is a drag!

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