Gift Ideas Every Truck Driver Will Appreciate

December 4, 2018 | by Marketing Team

Gifts for Truckers | Thunder Funding

Buying the perfect gift for the truck drivers in your life sounds like a lot of pressure. But, it’s not that much different from gift shopping for anyone else. What are things they’re always talking about? What are their hobbies? Connecting your present to something you already know they like is the easiest way to get them something they’ll enjoy. Still stumped? Try this one out to keep things nice and easy for yourself: Get them something that will make their job easier. 

Truck Route GPS

For the owner-operator in your life, consider a GPS or a downloadable app that is specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. These useful devices should have height clearance information, truck-prohibited routes identified, and updated maps that include new roads, and more. And, if you’re feeling extra festive, consider a GPS unit that has additional features such as the ability to enter your specific truck information like height, gross vehicle weight, and length.

GPS units or a specialized app on a smartphone can potentially save your truck driver a significant amount of time in reaching their destination. It takes the guesswork out of bridge heights and complex truck routes and also helps them find the nearest rest stop or eatery whenever they need it.


Audio Books

Never underestimate the power of a great book. It helps pass the time on their inevitable long drives ahead and the variety of books they can choose from is enormous. They can listen to the latest bestselling novels as well as books on business leadership, personal development, celebrity memoirs, history, and anything else they feel like in the moment. Consider a yearly subscription to an audiobook service that allows drivers to pick whatever books they are most interested in.


Portable Mini Fridge

With the New Year on the horizon, resolutions for a more healthy lifestyle could be high on the priority list for your truck driver. Make eating on the road easier, healthier, and more convenient with a portable fridge powered by their truck’s battery. Your driver can pack his or her own healthy snacks, meals, and drinks right in the cab.


Personalized Mud Flaps

Here’s something you may never have considered: Nothing tells your truck driver just how well you know them than personalized mud flaps! Not sure what to put on them? Make a real statement with their favorite music band, movie character, animal, you name it. No matter where they go, they’ll truly feel like they’ve made an impression on the road.
Pressure-Relieving, Ergonomic Seat Cushion

You know when you sit in a movie theatre for two hours and your rear becomes a little…numb, shall we say? So, you can only imagine how hard it is for truckers who are sitting and driving for hours on end. Staying in the same position for long periods of time without being able to get up and stretch can potentially cause a lot of discomfort and pain. A pressure-relieving seat cushion specially-designed with nooks and crannies in all the right places can hopefully help make those long drives more manageable.

What are you getting your special truck driver for Christmas this year?

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