Let’s start by getting you some $$:

If you have unpaid invoices, send them over to your Business Development Manager so they can start processing your first payment! All we need is your Rate Confirmation and Signed BOL to start.

If you’re on a load now and have not delivered, email your Business Development Manager a copy of your BOL and Rate Confirmation and we can initiate a Fuel Advance.

Your Business Development Manager will walk you through your first funding, you’re in great hands!

Expect a welcome call from us shortly.

The initial call will introduce you to our operations team and run you through a few quick tips to help get you started.

Expect an email from us with your username and temporary password.

You can view your account and run credit checks on your customers online 24/7.

After you deliver, email or fax a copy of your invoice, rate confirmation and BOL to our office for processing.

In most cases your customers will not require the original paperwork. If they do make this request for originals, we will let you know and ask that you send those to our office.

Need an Invoice Template you can use? We can help, just request one from your Relationship Manager.

Need a Fuel Card?

As a Thunder Client, they’re FREE, call us today to get set up.

Contact Details

Mailing Address:
2433 Impala Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Email invoices to:

Fax invoices to:

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