Where Can I Find Profitable Loads?

January 24, 2022 | by Marketing Team

Where Can I Find Profitable Loads | Thunder Funding

Where Can I Find Profitable Loads? Happy New Year from your Thunder Funding Family! A new year means we get a chance to recalibrate and set new goals and resolutions. One of our major goals as a freight factoring company this year is to help you run your trucking business more profitably.

Gathered Data

Throughout the years we’ve gathered that most of our customers are owner-operators looking to grow and scale their trucking business. Managing a growing business comes with lots of challenges and responsibilities. That is one of the main reasons our freight factoring services are needed, to delegate a time-consuming task like collecting on past invoices and speeding up your cash flow.

We have also come to understand that you have many questions about the factoring process, which we breakdown in this blog post The Top 7 Questions Our Sales Team Gets. But at the end of the day, one of your biggest concerns as an owner-operator is “where can I find recurring profitable loads to haul?” and although that is a loaded (no pun intended) question, we have an easy solution – online load boards! Load boards are marketplaces that connect shippers, freight brokers, and owner-operators together, making it an extremely convenient way to find loads.


There are many load boards online but we recommend our partner 123Loadboard – Thunder Funding Clients can test drive 123Loadboard FREE for 30 days! After your 30-day trial you will receive up to 40% off the regular price on the plan you choose. 123Loadboard’s easy-to-use mobile app is one of the best in the market with the ability to send real-time notifications straight to your phone so that you never miss a profitable load!

So although there are MANY different components to running a successful and profitable trucking business – finding the right loads has to be one of the most important activities you have to do as an owner-operator. Here’s to a prosperous 2022!

Please share with us what are some different ways you’ve been finding loads for your trucking business – and if you’re using 123loadboard.

For more information about starting your own trucking business be sure to check out this blog post: Thinking of Starting Your Own Trucking Business?

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