Celebrating Truckers: The New Superheroes of the US Supply Chain

September 8, 2021 | by Marketing Team


The month of September is a time to honor and celebrate America’s workers, and who better represents the engine that keeps America moving forward than truckers?

Truck drivers are essential to nearly every aspect of modern life, from the goods we buy to the goods we make. Not only are truck drivers the backbone of our transportation industry but they have played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, celebrated on September 12-18, 2021, is a reminder for us to thank the hardworking truckers who haul all the things we buy and use.

This is a great week to get out and show some gratitude to the truck drivers that we share the road with.

Thunder Funding honors and celebrates the new superheroes as we navigate through the corona virus pandemic, the professional men and women who deliver all our goods and keep America rolling…TRUCKERS!

For more information about NTDAW be sure to check out this blog post: A Look Back: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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