Injury Prevention: 7 Ways To Prevent Falls On The Job

March 21, 2017 | by Marketing Team

Injury Prevention: 7 Ways To Prevent Falls On The Job | Thunder Funding

Injury Prevention: 7 Ways To Prevent Falls On The Job. Did you know that falls are among one of the top three causes of truck driver injuries following vehicle accidents? Slips and falls are some of the most common incidents — and their resulting injuries are also some of the most preventable.

Research shows that falls from as low as three to four feet can result in serious injury because, as you fall, gravity increases your speed through the air, and the resulting impact can be devastating.

What Are The Main Culprits Of These Slips And Falls?

Distraction, fatigue, stress, haste, carelessness, and horseplay to name a few. And, of course, a trucker’s own health and fitness play a direct role in their reaction times, reflexes, and agility. Where are slips, trips, and falls most likely to occur? We find it’s when truckers are mounting and dismounting their truck, navigating their way in and around loading docks, and dealing with their trailer loads.

7 Tips For Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls

Here are 7 tips for preventing slips, trips, and falls that all revolve around the same theme of moving cautiously, staying alert, and being extremely observant of environmental hazards:

1. Avoid jumping off freight, vehicles, or loading platforms — climb slowly or make your way down carefully.
2. Be extra diligent in securing and loosening a load on a flatbed.
3. Be conscious of uneven surfaces between the truck and trailer bed and the dock or ramp.
4. Wear slip resistant boots with solid foot and ankle support.
5. Watch out for discarded trash, broken pallets, and other clutter on loading docks, parking lots, and terminals — these items spell tripping hazards.
6. Always maintain three points of contact when climbing down from or onto a vehicle.
7. Stay alert and be on the lookout for any holes, uneven surfaces, and slick surfaces from ice, grease or oil spills, mud, rain, etc.

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