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September 20, 2016 | by Marketing Team

Mobile Trucking Technology | Thunder Funding

Mobile Trucking Technology. At Thunder Funding, we’re all about efficiency and staying current with technology and trends. Mobile trucking technology isn’t new — but, it’s certainly come a long way in the last two years. Generating higher rates while mapping out safer and more efficient routes are just some of the benefits.

Mobile Trucking Technologies Can Assist With Routing and Pricing

The trucking and logistics industries are already changing and improving thanks to mobile technologies. Take, for example, the common problem of properly billing and pricing jobs without accurate information. Some companies calculate miles from city center to city center. But, what if the customer is located in a different area of the city or in an area that’s difficult to navigate? Not every vehicle can travel on every road. Whether the problem is heavy traffic, cargo restrictions or low bridges and other obstructions, the most logical route might not be the most cost effective.

Mobile solutions help with properly billing and pricing out jobs. It helps with accurate traffic, cargo restrictions, and other travel obstruction information isn’t available. Mobile applications can help carriers and drivers determine the most logical AND cost-effective route. By factoring in the current day’s traffic conditions, detours, and other outlying issues. These systems can intelligently choose the ideal route for each cargo load while logging the exact distance traveled. This way, it charges the customer a price based on actual miles traveled rather than estimates. When billing and routing is accurate, a company’s bottom line benefits. In turn, their customers’ ROI reflects these savings.

Of course, the larger your fleet, the more you can take advantage of economies of scale. However, if you’re a smaller carrier with big plans to grow, implementing an affordable mobile trucking solution right from the get-go could accelerate your growth and automation plans.

The Flip Side Of Mobile Trucking Technologies

While implementing mobile trucking technologies can bring extreme benefits, there can be hiccups along the way as with anything new. New systems can sometimes slow down the operation of the device it’s being deployed on, which is annoying especially if the performance of the application is compromised. Aside from that, perhaps some drivers might be uncomfortable with learning and adopting new technologies.

A driver that isn’t completely comfortable with a new technology may be tempted to fiddle with it while driving. This opens up a whole new can of worms regarding corporate liability and other legal conundrums if, for example, an accident occurs while the driver is distracted by their device.

On the flip side, fleet drivers also run the risk of becoming totally reliant upon technology, which can impact business operations if systems were to go down or be temporarily out of service. You can debate the pros and cons all day long — just remember that, if your end goal is to grow, automate, and streamline operations, mobile trucking solutions and technology can more often than not be used to your advantage if researched, implemented, and introduced to your drivers properly.

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