Recap: California Trucking Show 2021

October 19, 2021 | by Marketing Team


The California Trucking Show  was this past weekend (Oct. 16th-17th) and let us tell you that it was awesome! This was the first trade show Thunder Funding attended since the beginning of the pandemic and it was a great venue to get back into the groove of things. We were among more than 200 exhibitors, there was heavy foot traffic, and our booth was quite popular. 


Our prize spinning wheel attracted many visitors, and we also gave away two Yeti Coolers, which drove the crowd wild! We got a chance to catch up with some of our carriers and make new friends and connections. Overall, it was a great success and it feels fantastic to be able to attend live events once again. Thank you to all that stopped by our booth and hopefully we get to see you again next year, California Trucking Show 2022!

For more information about Thunder Funding and the importance of checking a broker’s credit be sure to check out this blog post: The Importance of Broker and Shipper Credit Checks

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