Simple Technologies Can Help Truckers During Coronavirus

May 19, 2020 | by Marketing Team

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The coronavirus pandemic has made one thing clear as the trucking industry deals with supply chain issues across the country: The need for digital tools and resources is as essential for business as it is for staying fit and connected to loved ones. 

Load Finding Apps

With the freight market in flux, carriers and owner operators alike need access to loads with transparent pricing. 123Loadboard has an affordable web and mobile app platform that offers unlimited load searching and truck posting with over 100,000 loads posted daily — which are also searchable by city, state, and zip code. Access to load payment rates, credit reports, mileage and map routing, as well as toll road fees are available through the platform, thus allowing you to make fast, informed decisions about your businesses.

Using Video Conferencing Apps for Health, Fitness, and Safety 

We already know that drivers face long driving shifts, disrupted sleep, social isolation (with coronavirus taking this even further than usual), less-than-ideal meal options and homesickness, which can all cumulatively lead to mental health issues. Thanks to COVID-19, these risk factors have intensified, especially for those under the extreme pressure of hauling essential goods.

The potential solution to this may be simpler than you think: Get moving. 

Many of us are already using video conferencing apps to connect with loved ones, which is great! But, have you ever thought of using video conferencing apps like FaceTime, Zoom, and Houseparty for fitness as well? Get your family and friends together for a group workout. Challenge one another to a push up contest. See who can do the most ab crunches in 60 seconds. Make bets to see who can skip rope the longest without missing a step. Make it fun and laugh while you’re at it!  The bottom line is we don’t know how long this pandemic will be around for and we don’t know how long social distancing will be in effect. But, we do know that it doesn’t have to diminish the different areas of our life that keep us healthy and connected to those we love.

For more information about the trucking industry and the coronavirus be sure to check out this blog post: The Life of a Truck Driver in the Midst of COVID-19

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