Things To Consider When Shopping For Commercial Vehicle Auto Insurance

June 26, 2018 | by Marketing Team

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Besides cost, there are a number of different factors to consider when comparing commercial auto insurance providers. It’s important to interview a variety of insurers so that you can adequately determine which provider best fits your needs. Here are some things to consider while shopping:

Above and Beyond 

Everyone likes special treatment. When you shop for an insurer, think of it as shopping for a partner that’s always looking out for your best interests. And, when an insurance provider has specialized claims reps, you know you’re in good hands. Insurers that have dedicated commercial auto claims representatives, as opposed to general representatives who work for a third-party, are fully committed to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident. 


You want your insurer to have access to a large network of reputable repair shops. In addition to speeding up the repair of your trucks, many of these repair shops will offer guarantees on their work for long periods of time. This provides you with peace of mind when you pick up your truck and head back on the road.



Different business owners have different coverage needs. Ask each carrier if they have coverage for all the things you and your business need to stay rolling and efficient even in times of an accident. For example, if your truck is the only transportation source to getting supplies and other freight to your customers, be sure to check if the provider offers rental vehicle coverage. This will provide you with a temporary truck if yours is out of commission at the shop. You’ll also want to ask the insurer if they have Rental Reimbursement with Downtime coverage, which will compensate you for lost time and help find you a replacement vehicle while yours is being fixed.



Make sure you’re well-informed. Do your research and ask other truck owners and carriers to see if the insurer you’re interviewing has a history of handling truck claims. A provider that has a proven track record in the trucking industry gives you a good idea of how well an insurer will handle your claim if you ever need to file one.


Customer Service

Is the insurer available 24/7? It’s probably pretty likely that you don’t work a standard 9-5 schedule, which makes it even more important to ensure your provider, its claim centers and specialized representatives are available to you when you need them.

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