Top 5 Gadgets For Truck Drivers – Black Friday Edition

November 24, 2023 | by Marketing Team

Top 5 Gadgets For Truck Drivers - Black Friday Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our carriers and partners! With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday happening, the team here at Thunder Funding would like to take this opportunity to share with you the Top 5 Gadgets for Truck Drivers – Black Friday Edition. Our last Blog Post “Top 5 Gadgets for Truck Drivers in 2020” was very popular with all of you, so we’re doing it again for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can take advantage of some great savings – and you know here at Thunder Funding we’re all about helping you save money and getting great deals!

So we would like to start off by reminding all of you that not only big-box stores like Walmart, Costco, and Amazon are having great deals for Black Friday but also your local stores and shops. So if your truck needs any sort of maintenance or new tires make sure to check out your local mechanic for Black Friday deals.

We would also like to share with you two fantastic apps to make your routing and finding loads a piece of cake: Hammer and 123Loadboard. The Hammer App is a FREE navigation and routing app just for truckers. 123Loadboard is our partner and a one-stop shop for load finding, broker credit checks, document organization and so much more – Thunder Funding clients get an exclusive 30-day FREE trial and continued savings on the monthly membership price, so take advantage of these savings and free resources.

With that said here are our Top 5 Gadgets For Truck Drivers – Black Friday Edition

*all of the images where taken from Amazon, Yeti, and Groupon

  1. The Yeti Cooler and Travel Mug – well anything Yeti really, they are keeping their Black Friday deals pretty tight until Thanksgiving Day so check their website on Thursday. Their Roadie core colors will surely be discounted!

    Yeti Roadie Cooler

  2. Food Warming Tote – keeping your meals warm can be a bit challenging when you’re on the road, but not anymore with this tote bag. With more than 10,000, positive reviews this gadget is all that and a bag of chips.FoodWarmingTote
  3. Seat Cushion – this one is a must-have for all of our road warriors. Those long hours of sitting can cause all kinds of aches and pains, so check out the endless list of seat cushions on Amazon, your rear end will thank you.SeatCushion
  4. CB Radio – this one is a no-brainer. Black Friday is your chance to snag that CB Radio you’ve been eyeing for a while.
  5. And finally – Subscription Satellite Radio. Lock-in a lower subscription rate this Black Friday for satellite radio. Groupon and Walmart are some of the retailers giving great deals for this service. Check it out.

These are our Top 5 Gadgets for Truckers, if you have more suggestions please share them with us in the comments below. And the “Top 5 Gadgets for Truckers in 2020” will also be on sale this Black Friday – so make sure to check those out as well.

*This year remember to include a BlueParrott Noise Cancelling Headset to your Black Friday list, since they will probably be on sale at the major retailers like Amazon. *Updated November 2023

For more information about trucking technologies be sure to read this blog post: 3 Trucking Technologies You Need Right Now

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