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September 8, 2016 | by Marketing Team

Truck Driver Recruitment Automation | Thunder Funding

Truck Driver Recruitment Automation. When it comes to hiring new drivers, we’ve found that more and more fleet owners are turning to technology to make the entire recruitment and management process faster, easier, and more effective. Workflow management tools, behavioral assessments, and systems that can generate candidate analytics are now being adopted by innovative and forward-thinking operators.

A Look At Truck Driver Turnover

According to the American Trucking Association, driver turnover among large truckload fleets averaged roughly 92% and 78% for small carriers in Q1 this year. Some industry experts say turnover is also up in trucking niches that are known for their higher retention rates, such as private fleets and less-than-truckload.

What do these high turnover numbers really mean? It means that regardless of the carrier’s fleet size, a shocking — and often unanticipated — amount of time and money is spent recruiting, qualifying, and hiring drivers.

Truck Driver Recruitment Automation Systems

Automated driver recruitment systems can reduce — and possibly even eliminate — your paperwork mountain. Certain applications and technologies can streamline the entire process for both the carrier and the driver applicants. Dare we even go so far as to say that these systems can provide operators with a better pool of potential candidates and new hires.

There are several vendors offering products specifically designed to automate the truck driver recruitment process:

1. HireRight

This vendor offers employment background checks, drug and health screenings, as well as a multitude of other qualification services. HireRight’s background screening application can be integrated with your existing applicant tracking system, which provides a much more streamlined and comprehensive report on candidates.

2. Tenstreet

This vendor’s recruiting application automates the collection of candidate application data through multiple recruitment channels via the internet. Tenstreet’s system also offers a convenient digitized signature feature, which means carriers can process applicants right away. There’s no need to email, scan, fax, or snail mail applicants just to start the process. In other words, the amount of time it takes to recruit, screen, and hire a candidate is significantly reduced.

3. Maverick

This vendor has developed an electronic pre-employment driver qualification tool as well as a post-hire training and educational program. This program includes videos, academic testing, digital signatures, and even the tracking of hands-on training. All the collected data from individual applicants flow directly into whatever human resources systems you’re currently using. Applicant files are continuously updated and connected with their benefits enrollment, driver records, and the like. The entire HR process becomes paperless. How convenient.

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