Truckers, Your Mental Health Matters: Nurturing Well-being on the Road

May 26, 2022 | by Marketing Team

Mental Health Truckers

Exploring the critical importance of mental health for truckers and the significance of nurturing well-being while on the road.

*Updated May 2023

Did you know that the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Here at Thunder Funding we understand how difficult the trucking business can be…the long hours, sudden equipment failure, brokers/shippers not paying you on time, the list goes on and on. Now suddenly you’re exhausted and find that your physical and mental health have declined. Subsequently, It’s no wonder that people in the trucking profession, on average, have more health problems and shorter life spans than people in other professions.

But don’t give up, there’s help out there and lots of resources. Our friend Hope from Mother Trucker Yoga has plenty of information about driver health and wellness. For the month of May she has shared some blogs about how drivers can improve their mental health, including this fantastic blog: Mental Health Awareness Month: Take A Breather, where she talks about… you guessed it, breathing techniques and the benefits they provide. For instance, she lists what stress can do to our bodies, which is very scary to think about:

  • Raise our blood pressure
  • Increase our heart rate
  • Increase our body temperature
  • Leave us in physical pain
  • Can decrease our immune system
  • Give us stomach discomfort
  • Make it difficult to sleep
  • Can affect your libido 
  • Tense your muscles 
  • Cause weight gain 
  • Burden your nervous system
  • Leave shallow breathing

Check out her blog and all the health gems she has tailored to the trucking community. You can also look at our blog archive, specifically our Movember blog post, where we talk about 5 easy health tips you can start implementing today. As always, financial instability is on the top of the list of stressors in all of our lives, so let Thunder Funding help ease that stress by giving you access to fast cash and fuel discounts! Get Started Today!

For more information about truck driver health and wellness be sure to check out this blog post: Truck Driver Ergonomics: Best Practices and Tips

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