Weight Limit Increase For Trucks In California

November 26, 2021 | by Marketing Team

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Governor Gavin Newsom of California announced last week that there will be a weight limit increase on truck loads.

Due to the supply-chain issues we are presently experiencing and in an effort to clear up the ports in California, Gov. Newsom has increased the weight limit on trucks from 80,000 pounds to 88,000 pounds.

This 8,000 pound increase is supposed to ease the burden that the ports are currently sustaining, but at what cost? Many experienced truck drivers are concerned that this weight increase will impact truck safety. Heavier loads means trucks will take longer to come to a complete stop, which is very worrisome in heavily trafficked areas.

The seasoned truck driver can withstand the heavier loads and navigate heavily congested areas, but what about rookie truck drivers? With the truck driver shortage there are a lot of new truck drivers on the road who don’t have as much experience hauling heavier loads. Heavier loads can potentially cause more accidents for inexperienced drivers.

Although the risk for more truck-related accidents increases, how about the financial benefits? An increase in weight limits also means truck drivers can haul more freight which translates into more money. Not only will heavier loads alleviate overwhelmed ports, but it will financially reward more drivers who desperately need the financial boost. 

Weight limit increases are nothing new, and many states have implemented these measures in times of crisis like hurricanes and the pandemic. The Thunder Funding Team would love to hear your thoughts regarding this matter and which side of the debate you’re on. Please comment below to share your opinion.

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