Driver Recruitment And Retention: 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report

October 10, 2017 | by Marketing Team

Driver Recruitment and Retention | Thunder Funding

HireRight’s recent 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report reveals key trends and concerns in the trucking industry — with the demand for truckers being the most critical issue. Not surprising. Some of the most significant highlights and survey findings in this year’s report include the steps fleet owners and carriers are taking to address the driver shortage as well as the innovative, technology-based recruitment and retention strategies being implemented. 

2017 Transportation Spotlight Report Findings

HireRight’s survey noted that with 33% of drivers leaving for retirement, carriers are “turning to a more digital, transparent hiring process to attract younger drivers, shying away from traditional recruitment tactics” in favor of online-focused campaigns that incorporate social media and a “mobile-friendly screening process.”

Interestingly enough, while recruitment has been a main focus for carriers, the topic of truck driver retention appears to be an even larger struggle. In fact, a Stay Metrics study notes that out of 100 newly hired drivers, 33 of them will leave 90 days after being hired, with an additional 22% leaving by the 180-day mark.


Driver Recruitment And Retention Strategies

In a recent article, Steven Spencer, managing director of transportation at HireRight said, “[Fleet owners and carriers] are constantly working to: 1) improve their candidate experience both during and after the recruiting process, 2) decrease risk through background checks, and 3) improve the health and safety of their drivers for the public – all while emphasizing a positive lifestyle to attract younger talent.”

The HireRight survey indicates that fleet owners and carriers are also employing the following recruitment and retention strategies:

  • Implementing flexible work options
  • Increasing engagement with new hires through longer orientation and training periods
  • Using performance-based, monetary bonuses to improve retention
  • Employing non-monetary strategies including driver appreciation events
  • Investing in lifestyle and wellness benefits through wellness education, weight loss contests and more


For more information about truck driver retention be sure to check out this blog post: Truck Driver Retention: Keeping your Drivers Happy and Engaged

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