Simplifying Your Hiring Processes

February 12, 2019 | by Marketing Team

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The wrong hiring decision wastes time, costs money, and can have a potentially negative impact on your existing employees. But, given the current state of driver and technician shortages, some fleets are feeling the heat to find any decent body to fill a vacancy. So, what are some things you can do right now to make sure you make the right hire? 

Create An Efficient Hiring Process

There are a couple of quick things you can cover right at the beginning of your screening process to ensure you don’t waste time farther down the interviewing process. One simple way to do this is to screen for the basic qualifications of the position using an online questionnaire to avoid spending time later in the process on candidates who don’t meet these minimum requirements.


Consider Using HR Automation Software

If you have extra funds to spend in your HR department, consider using an automation software throughout your selection process. Automated systems can help you screen for minimum qualifications while applicant-tracking systems can serve up assessments and questionnaires that essentially move candidates through various stages of your selection system without the need for your HR team to step in and do the initial screening themselves. These automation systems also have the added benefit of keeping your hiring process consistent across candidates, thus reducing the risk of negative subjective hiring practices.


Involve Your Best Drivers In The Hiring Process

We love the idea of having at least one of your top drivers in the room with you whenever you conduct an interview for a driver position. Not only does this make your current drivers feel involved and valued, it’s also a great way to get additional insight into the interviewee for potential culture fit, driver skills and capabilities, and more. They may perceive a candidate’s response differently, and it’s necessary to get understand all perspectives to ensure you make the right hiring decision. Having your drivers involved in the post-interview decisions and conversations brings so much value that we’re not sure why more fleets aren’t already doing this.

What do you recommend as some great ways to simplify your hiring processes and improve truck driver retention?

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