Thunder Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 27, 2023 | by Marketing Team
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023 | Thunder Funding

Thunder Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – NTDAW was celebrated from September 10th – 16th this year. It provided an excellent opportunity for us to recognize and honor the hard-working truckers who keep our nation moving. Thunder celebrated with great enthusiasm! We hosted our 5th Annual Photo Contest and spread some joy by visiting the Aliso Creek Rest Area with warm coffee and delicious donuts.

Why Truckers?

Here at Thunder, we firmly believe that truck drivers deserve appreciation and recognition not only during designated weeks but every single week. When we delve into the numbers and grasp the significance of truckers to America’s economy, it becomes evident why this appreciation should extend beyond the confines of a specific week.

The Backbone of the US Economy:

There are approximately 8.4 million individuals working in the trucking industry, including 3.54 million dedicated truck drivers. This figure includes company and self-employed drivers. Their collective efforts form the backbone of our nation’s economy. The trucking industry plays a vital role in maintaining the well-oiled machinery of commerce, as it transports nearly 72.6% of America’s freight in 2022.

Driving the Economic Wheel:

The impact of the trucking industry is not just substantial; it is staggering. Boasting a value of $940.8 billion, the industry represents a whopping 80.7% of the nation’s freight bill as of 2022. Furthermore, the contributions made by the trucking community extend beyond the transportation of goods. As of 2021, commercial trucks paid $29.12 billion in federal and state fuel taxes. Further fueling the growth and development of our infrastructure.

How Thunder Celebrated Truckers During NTDAW:

Our 5th Annual Photo Contest was the highlight of our National Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebration. It was truly awesome to witness the overwhelming participation by our carriers who submitted an array of remarkable photographs capturing their rigs and journey on the road. From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant city backgrounds, these images showcased the beauty and diversity that you find on the road. After much deliberation, the winners were –  1st Place: Melgar Trucking,  2nd Place: JAS Enterprise, 3rd Place: Richard Ramirez Trucking. Kudos to all the winners!

Photo Contest | Thunder Funding

Experiencing the Aliso Creek Rest Area:

As a token of our gratitude during NTDAW, we decided to personally connect with local truckers. We did this by visiting the Aliso Creek Rest Area, a popular pit stop along their routes here in Southern California. Armed with coffee and donuts, we aimed to brighten their day and express our genuine appreciation for their continuous hard work.

Aliso Creek Rest Stop | Thunder Funding

The Impact of Truckers:

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week serves as a reminder of the essential role truckers play in our economy. Let us continue to celebrate and appreciate the unwavering dedication of these unsung heroes not only during this week but all year round. Cheers to all hard-working truckers!

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